What type of tourist visit Hawaii – to elaborate, what type of guest comes to mind? We don’t know about you, but Hawaii has been largely associated with couples, weddings, honeymoons…. Basically, a party of two. Yet, many of us can’t vacation in Hawaii when we’re younger, or before the kids come along. So, does that mean it’s too late? Surely this couple orientated island isn’t appropriate for small kids… right?

Well, we’re sure that you’re happy to hear that the answer is simply – wrong! Yes, Hawaii, particularly Maui is a popular location for couples, weddings and or honeymoons. However, what some tourists do not realize, due to this association, is that Hawaii, especially the Maui resort is extremely family-friendly. Actually, the island, regardless of the tourism excursions and attractions, is just as appealing for small children, as it is for adults.

Imagine, stepping off the plane to arrive on a mysterious island with your parents. You’re greeted by a representative, who gives you a friendly “Aloha!” Then, you find out that you’re surrounded by white sandy beaches, you have the freedom to explore. Now, we don’t know about you, but if we visited Maui when we were small kids, we would have had endless fun. Also, what many parents don’t realize is that there are many resorts that are dedicated and are exclusive to families, with small children.

Moreover, similar to any holiday destination, your family and children will experience nothing but fun and excitement. So, we understand why you’ve been looking to visit the Maui resort for your next family vacation. However, when you’re planning a trip with small children, you do have to do your research – fortunately, you’ve already started! We decided to write this article[1] to give families top-three best Maui resorts for families with small children.

Wailea Beach Villas

There is no rule, that says that an ordinary family can’t stay at a luxury resort. Actually, we noticed that there’s a misconception, that once we become parents, we wave goodbye to luxury. Well, fortunately for you, this isn’t the case when you visit this luxurious Maui resort. This accommodation has our number one spot, as it is highly rated across various platforms.

Families can vacation in one of the two, three or four-bedroom, beachfront, private villas! Plus, it boasts a fantastic Kids Club, so the parents can escape for an afternoon of luxury. The only issue is that luxury does come at a cost. The only downfall, as highlighted by the reviewer is the cost – although many parents commented that it was “good value for money.”

Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa, Lahaina

We have given this resort the second spot due to its amazing location. If you have a family of small adventurers, (even adults), then you should take advantage of this resort. This Maui resort is perfectly situated on the most popular snorkelling areas in Hawaii. Moreover, the hotel provides both adults and children with a range of activities and excursions.

Fairmont Kea Lani, Wailea

Now, we thought that we’d mix it up with this accommodation option. Some families don’t seek just luxury, nor adventure. Sometimes, it just nice to relax and unwind with your family, by spending a day by the pool or at the beach. If this sounds like your dream holiday, then the Fairmont Kea Lani, in Wailea is the ideal resort for your family. It subtly incorporates luxury and high-quality. So, really, it is a luxury resort – but it has a larger focus on the happiness of families.

[1] Please note, that we have based these picks on our knowledge as well as reviews from previous tourists. Besides, when writing this list, we tried to encompass our expertise as well as the knowledge of parents who have visited the resort. So, please use this list as a handy guide – we’ve also linked the hotels/resorts to their TripAdvisor page.