If you’re thinking of spending your vacation in Maui, we understand why! Actually, there’s a good reason that this beautiful, paradisiacal island is viewed as the “best” island in the world. Also, when you think that there are tons of islands, which each have their own appeal and charm, why is this island the best? In all honesty, it’s hard to select one reason why Maui, specifically Kihei is a great place to stay.

After all, this a destination which celebrates relaxation, tradition and natural beauty. In fact, sunsets on Maui are celebrated by both locals and tourist alike. Plus, this island has gorgeous weather all year round. So, we’ve kind of given you an inkling, why Kihei is the best place to stay in Maui.

First, where is Kihei?

Although Maui is a small-ish island, there are still tons of amazing locations to visit, each is equally amazing in their own right. However, we feel that the Kihei and Wailea region is the best location to visit. This region is situated on the Southern Part of Maui, and it is recognized for its endless sandy, white beaches and sparkling, turquoise ocean.

Plus, this part of the island is sheltered by the Haleakala volcano. Thus, this is why Maui is known to be drier and sunnier, compared to the rest of the island. Further, this vacation destination has continuously grown in popularity. Besides the natural amenities and allure, the locals do their utmost to make tourists feel and home and welcome.

In fact, you will discover the true meaning of “aloha” when you visit this beautiful location. Moreover, we believe that this location actually has it all, besides these five reasons. However, if you’re thinking: is Kihei a good place to stay in Maui? Here’s three reasons why Kihei is the perfect location for your Maui vacation.

1. Never-ending, white, sandy, flawless beaches

We’re sure that you’ve already gathered that one of the most alluring attributes is the miles of sandy beaches. In fact, Maui has more miles and “swimmable” beaches compared to any of the other Hawaiian Islands.

2. Food

Did you know that Maui is one of the epicentres of regional Hawaiian food? Tradition and trendiness have been combined perfectly in many of the restaurants on Maui. What’s more, Kihei has some of the best chefs on the island who are continuously improving and enhancing their culinary offerings.

3. Haleakala Crater

Another natural attraction has to be watching the sunrise or sunset on the Haleakala Crater. Tourists flock to this natural hotspot, which is over 10,000 ft. Magical – this term is an understatement when describing this attraction. In a word, this crater is something that needs to be experienced in person.

The Bottom Line

Now, we’ve missed another reason, which is “culture.” If you’re thinking, well why isn’t in the main list. We’ve got a good reason! And that’s because, the entire island of Maui, not just Kihei has a rich, exciting and interesting culture. In short, the list of reasons as to why Kihei a good place to stay in Maui, could be endless. So, why don’t you experience this amazing island for yourself?